Lights Out: 10 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon!

With HBO pulling the plug on “Enlightened,” we look back on some of the best series canceled before their time SLIDE SHOW

By Prachi Gupta


To the dismay of Mike White and Laura Dern fans alike, HBO canceled its critically acclaimed dramedy “Enlightened” Tuesday evening. The show, which chronicled the cringe-inducing “recovery” of a business executive scrambling to put her life back together after an office meltdown, offered a searing critique of both the self-help industry and the corporate workplace. In 2012, it received a Golden Globe nomination for best television show in its category, and Laura Dern, who plays the show’s lead character, Amy Jellicoe, won best actress for a musical or comedy series.

Salon’s Willa Paskin described the sense of loss fans feel after losing a show like “Enlightened,” writing: “Show cancellations, like show plausibility, are a very personal thing: Some gut you or make you insanely angry, while leaving others totally sanguine.”

In memory of “Enlightened,” here are 10 other short-lived shows that left their fans wanting more.

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  1. I always watched My So Called Life…Claire Danes left to be in the movies. A.J. Langer was very cool–isn’t she married to a prince now? I think so.

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