Leonard Cohen wasn't a regular at his local temple. He admittedly had moments of grace with a higher force but he lived much of his life as most of us do. He smoke, drank, and famously enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. You could say he was a humanist whose higher power was love. Leonard practiced Zen Buddhism in Mount Baldy but always considered himself Jewish. He kept the practice of humility with him always. The people's poet, whether you knew him or not, his passing most likely pained you as if he was family. Even Bob Dylan had called the 82 year old musician, "No. 1 to my zero."
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a_new_NEWI never paid much attention to GG Allin when he was alive because I thought he was a talentless bottom feeder who’d do anything to get attention. Consequently, I never bothered with his music, and stayed away from reading about him. I mean, compared to my pals in the Ramones, what could Allin possibly have to offer? GG seemed like a spectacular mess who was just taking up space until he killed himself. I didn’t really need any more garbage heaps in my life. But after he died, my best friend Tom Hearn told me he’d hung out with GG a few times in New Haven, Connecticut, and that he was a nice guy.“Really?” I asked Tom, intrigued that I let my preconceived notions keep me from checking Allin out. I love it when my prejudiced ideas get shattered and I have to take another look.“Yeah,” Tom told me, “He was like this incredible asshole on stage, just fighting and screaming and shitting on everyone, but off stage he was really nice. He was kind of like a more violent, fucked-up version of Joey Ramone. Ya know how Joey was so incredibly focused on stage? And then when we were hanging out with him, he was funny as shit? GG was kind of like that …”Hmm, I thought, Maybe I was wrong about the guy…When I was doing a reading tour of the south last winter, I became friendly with Johnny Puke, from Charleston, South Carolina, where he books and manages the Tin Roof, a fun, dumpy punk club. Johnny told me that he was with GG the night he died and I thought it would be an interesting story to get on tape. So I asked Johnny if I could interview him some time, Johnny said, ”Yes,” and last October, just as it was getting really cold outside, I headed back to Charleston to interview Johnny Puke. This is his report.gg_part_one