(Dolly Parton hugs Mick Jagger backstage after her Bottom Line concert 1977)

Dolly Parton is the most genuine and sweetest musician I can think of. “Jolene,” comes on in an East Village bar and everyone starts singing along. Youngsters and old-timers all seem to know the lyrics. I’ve also never heard a bad word said about her. I did hear that she’s heavily tattooed around her mid-section and chest, which came as a shock to me at first. Then I thought about the outrageous wigs, plastic surgeries, and outfits from over the years and it all made sense. In this Barbara Walters interview from 1977, Dolly tells her rags to riches story of a little girl from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee who made it big.

-Amy Haben

Dolly Parton on Regis and Kathy Lee in 1992.

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