The Ramones drop in on our favorite red-head of comics, Archie!  The punk rock issue portrays the Riverdale high school student recruiting Betty and Veronica– who he still has a love-triangle with– to play in his band, appropriately named … The Archies! Look for it in your favorite comic book store in early 2016!

Archie Comics’ Alex Segura (via Comics Alliance):

Matt got in touch with the Ramones’ people, and they were super into it. So I reached out to Gisele [Lagace, illustrator], whom I’d worked with before on the “Occupy Riverdale” story and other things. We’re all huge Ramones fans, and though it took a while to work out the details, once things started moving, it actually went pretty quick. It’s gonna be a super-fun oversized one-shot, with covers by some truly amazing artists (whom I can’t announce just yet), and it syncs up nicely because it’ll be the 75th Anniversary of Archie, and the 40th Anniversary of the Ramones… It’s really kinda like a dream come true to be doing this.”

When cartoonist John Holmstrom, publisher Ged Dunn, and writer/resident punk Roderick ‘Legs’ McNeil started Punk magazine in 1975, they combined punk and comic books. Features on Blondie, The Ramones, and The Dead Boys were surrounded by pages of comics featuring trouble maker Legs and his drunken antics on the streets of NYC. Their first issue was published 40 years ago next year and was the first publication to highlight the CBGB scene. John Holmstrom has called Punk, “the print version of The Ramones.”

Punk rock and comics have been closely related since the mid- seventies. It’s nice to see this tradition being carried on to a new generation of comic book readers.

-Amy Haben


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