Any film where Iggy Pop is playing a punk rock angel named ‘Vicious’ is on my must-see list. Hell, any film Iggy is in I want to watch!

As reported by Evan Minsker of Pitchfork, Gutterdämmerung is billed as “the loudest silent movie on Earth.” What sets this movie apart besides being a modern silent film starring rock stars, is that it will be shown with a live rock & roll band.

Swedish director Bjorn Tagemose’s vision has Henry Rollins playing a puritan priest, and Grace Jones trying to control the evil rock & roll masses. Jesse Hughes of the band Eagles of Death Metal, is also involved in this cinematic experience. He announced that “12 epic rockstars are playing in this film.” (The names of the other famous musicians will be announced closer to opening day.)

You will be standing up for this very loud fully immersive experience.” -Henry Rollins

Iggy retains that his character ‘Vicious’ is similar to himself  in many ways:

Vicious and I are both really impatient, we have a short fuse, we get angry easily and we don’t suffer fools gladly.” – Iggy Pop

I have a feeling that the vibe of the film will be heavily influenced by Swedish metal. Cannot wait for this flick which is being toted as a visual triumph!!!

-Amy Haben


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