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I was lucky enough to witness the 70’s avant-garde punk rock band The Pop Group kill it at Rough Trade in Williamsburg a few months ago. I wasn’t expecting much since the band hadn’t played together in 35 years, but I was blown away. They had the energy of 19 year olds.

Afterwards, my pals Stu, Johnny, Ryan, and I went up to lead singer Mark Stewart to thank him and ended up trading jokes for half an hour.

Stu: “What do you call a cop’s brain cut into four pieces?”

Mark: “I don’t know.”

Stu: “Police Headquarters.”

Mark: “Wicked!!!”

He’s a golden character with a lot of heart. Check out The Pop Group’s new album Citizen Zombie and look up their 1979 album Y as well as their 1980 album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder!! Read our Q & A below:

Amy: Who were the bands that influenced you guys when you first came together in the 70’s?

Mark: Jobriath, New York Dolls, Big Youth, Dr. Alimantado, Ohio Players, Kaygees, Musique Concrete, and Leo Ferre.

Amy: How did you guys meet?

Mark: At various youth clubs around where we grew up in of Bristol.

Amy: What’s your favorite Pop Group song from the old days?

Mark: “There Are No Spectators” from our second album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder.

Amy: From the new album?

Mark: “Citizen Zombie.”

Mark was looking for some action after the show, but when we said, “We’re going to the diner,” he dismissed us with a smile.  Thank you to every member of The Pop Group for putting on an electrifying set!

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