(Photo:  Stiv Bators A.K.A. Bo-Bo still from ‘Polyester’)

John Waters and Stiv Bators were old friends by the time he made ‘Polyester.’ They both hung out at Max’s, CBGB’s,  etc…  My friend Jimmy, who was around during the 70’s downtown NYC scene, and was the drummer of Blondie for a hot minute, told me all about Stiv. They were pals, and Jimmy had a smoking’ hot girlfriend who was modeling back then. This woman eventually became Jimmy’s wife. Stiv would hit on her right in front of him.  Jimmy would say, “Hey man what are you doing? Back off.” Of coarse, there was never a resentment, just a shrug of the shoulders. That’s just who Stiv was, and in a way, he was charming scoundrel. So I love that Waters fittingly put Stiv in the role of the bad boy. The future cell occupier who easily steals the girl away from the last guy.

-Amy Haben


Stiv Bators (as Bo-Bo), John Waters and Divine (as Francine Fishpaw) on the set of Polyester. (Photo via The Official Divine Website)

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