(Photo booth pics of Bebe Buell and Stiv Bators- Photo Credit: BabyBebeBlue.piczo.com)

Stiv Bators version of Richard Berry’s 1959 classic, “Have Love Will Travel.” The most famous cover was made by The Sonics in 1966, and was the version that Stiv and his band emulated when they recorded it in 1986. Stiv makes this song his by adding punk rock howls and snotty vocals. You can find this song on the Bomp! records produced album, ‘L.A. L.A.’ by Stiv Bators as well as the b-side of Stiv Bators 12″ -“Story In Your Eyes,” also produced by Bomp!

-Amy Haben


(Bebe Buell and Stiv Bators – photo: fanpix.net)

The Sonics cover of “Have Love Will Travel.”

The original version of “Have Love Will Travel,” written and performed by Richard Berry

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