Charming, British television series, Thunderbirds, created two movies after the show was cancelled in 1966. The marionettes of the Tracy family  fight to protect the Zero-X spaceship from villain, The Hood, and a crash landing in the ’66 production of Thunderbirds Are Go. Cliff Richard and The Shadows have replica marionettes that rock out. The ground breaking motion picture was the first movie ever to feature Add-a-Vision, an early type of video assist technology. Thank god for innovative creators Gerry and Sylvia Anderson!

By: Amy Haben


‘The Hood’ -Criminal mastermind.

(I’ve been told not to trust men with unibrows, maybe heavy brows apply as well.)


‘Virgil Tracy’- Third son of Jeff Tracy. Named after astronaut Virgil Grissom. 24 year old Virgil enjoys painting, playing the piano and being loyal to his family.


‘Scott Tracy’- Educated at Yale and Oxford Universities. He is the eldest son of Jeff Tracy and the only one to have killed a man. Based on actor Sean Connery, which makes sense. I’d hit it.


‘Alan Tracy’- Youngest Tracy son at 21 years old. He is a race car driver and mighty reckless. Puppet modeled after actor Robert Reed.


‘Lady Penelope’- the London based secret agent for International Rescue. By day, she is an international supermodel and fashion icon. She drinks tea constantly, but at night she enjoys Pernod. She speaks four different languages and her peers in high society know nothing of her dangerous lifestyle.


The Shadows



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