Dmitry Wild, singer of the NYC garage band Wizard Sex,  was chatting with me online recently about his favorite book, Please Kill Me. He actually went out and bought a copy for every member of his band and made them read it (kind of like taking a music course– Punk Rock 101). He believes (as I do) that reading about Bowie’s appreciation of Iggy’s innate spirit and animalistic energy is good inspiration for making music.

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The unbridled energy that comes from amps turned up high, fuzzy guitars, and punk rock attitude makes for a sexy, sweaty show where you’ll be sure to move your ass no matter how sober you are. Wizard Sex instills confidence that rock & roll in NYC can still be explosive. The band is made up of Dmitry Wild on guitar/vocals, drummer Josh Johnson, and Lase Salgado on bass.

The funny thing is that I messaged Dimitri Coats, the guitarist of the band Off! by mistake asking for the Wizard Sex video. He quipped that if somebody is actually having wizard sex, he feels like he is missing out in life!  Haha! I agree.

-Amy Haben

*Be sure to check out Wizard Sex live:

October 3rd at the Cobra Club in Brooklyn

November 11th at The Shop in Brooklyn.

Wizard Sex will also be on tour in Peru at the end of the year.

A new LP will be out this fall which includes slide guitar and harmonica by Hugh Pool.


*Wizard Sex was on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine as one of the top 16 new bands.

*Classic Rock Magazine also distributed a compilation CD with Wizard Sex included all over Europe and Australia.


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