Sometimes I forget the brilliance of the punk rock songs that I listened to in high school. I think I’ve heard all of those songs way too many times before. I need to expand my 60’s Italian pop collection or discover every groovy unknown garage band on the planet. Then I pop in an old  Exploited cassette and realize Watty and the boys make we wanna throw my fist through the wall, in a good way. I remembered Alternative TV’s, “Action, Time, Vision,” from a 70’s British punk compilation cd i had. Seriously, these guys were fantastic! Every song I hear from them is even better than the last!

ATV was founded in 1976 by Mark Perry, the founding editor of ‘Sniffin’ Glue’ punk fanzine, and Alex Fergusson. Early rehearsals took place at Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records studio with Genesis P-Orridge on drums. Perry ended up firing Fergusson in ’77,  who went on to form Psychic TV with Genesis. “Splitting In Two,” might be my favorite ATV song with it’s doomed,  minimal sound. It has quintessential post punk style. Another classic, “Why Don’t Ya Do Me Right,” will help you get over that devil that you call an ex in no time. I posted too many videos because they are impossible to edit.

-Amy Haben





I squeezed in The Exploited for old times sake:

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