Tom Hearn

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Mutant Monster Surfboard – Part 2

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein with the surfboard from Punk Magazine's Mutant Monster Beach Party. NYC 1977. The entire Punk Magazine #15 Mutant Monster Beach Party issue has been reprinted in The Best Of Punk Magazine, edited by John Holmstrom and Bridget Hurd. This picture were taken on the "set" of the opening scene, which was the street just outside the door of Chris and Debbies loft. There just happened to be a Jaguar parked there, and the owner came by let us incorporate it into the scene. He even put the top down. -Tom Hearn

Mutant Monster Surfboard – Part 1

Legs borrowing his brother Craig's surfboard to use in Punk Magazine's Mutant Monster Beach Party in 1977. He was taking it on the train from New Haven to Grand Central. I don't think Craig actually gave him permission to use it, but I know Craig never saw that board again. It was last seen in the possession of Joey Ramone.