Our featured video this week comes from our friend Tammy Faye Starlite:

“I first heard the song “Times Square” when I was 17, on Marianne Faithfull’s A Child’s Adventure album (1983). Its beauty and melancholy astounded me. The song, written by Barry Reynolds—who also plays on the album—captured the New York I knew, the flashing glamour of dissolution.

Times Square – from the triple-X films to the abandoned marquees to Jenny Holzer, to Disney and Applebee’s and Hello Kitty – has always seemed to reflect our societal mutations. And the New Year officially begins amidst those swirling, seductive, glorious, decadent lights. This infernal, unnerving year will end in that same place, without the screaming, freezing, frenzied revelers, with only the makeshift abandon of our desperation, and this song, written in 1983, captures all that despair and ache, as well as the shimmering hope that lives within us all, that cri de cœur of ‘when this is over, then we can begin.'” – Tammy Faye Starlite

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