DEAR NOBODY: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil

Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Before Mary Rose died at age 17, she wrote this message in a bottle and tossed it for all like-minded teenagers to find. Through Dear Nobody, we travel Mary Rose’s path of the deadly boredom and loneliness of small town life, and into the horrifying world of her mom’s abusive boyfriends– a landscape overflowing with alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and killing alienation.

We also travel through Mary Rose’s confusing love life– where she develops crushes and attachments to junior versions of her mother’s pathetic boyfriends. And we see what the results of what low self-esteem and insecurity deliver. Brutally profound and violently explicit, Mary Rose articulates every minute of her first loves and flirtations—arrogant and self-assured one minute—then shattered and self-loathing the next. Who do you trust? Who do you let in and tell your deepest secrets to?

For Mary Rose has a deadly secret that is not revealed until the end of the book—a secret that dooms her to the world of freaks and mutants, a secret so chilling that it eventually kills her– leaving only this document as a proof she was here.

Dear Nobody is as hysterically funny, as it is hauntingly profound—for Mary Rose was a real person who lived, loved, suffered and died—packing several lifetimes into a very short one. For every word is true– and it will leave you pondering Mary Rose long after you finish the last page…

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