Lisa Janssen

Andy Warhol

Thank You Andy Warhol

by Lisa Janssen - Dear Andy, I wanted to write you and let you know the many ways you have impacted my life. It started with “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to B and Back Again.” There were some aphorisms in that book that I live by to this day, at least I try. My favorite is, “So what.”...

The Genius of Rudy Wurlitzer

by Lisa Janssen - Every once in a while my father would talk about his favorite movie Two-Lane Blacktop. As he spoke of it his gaze would drift to a place far off from the dinner table. He would describe the white line going up the middle of the highway, how it filled the screen of the drive-in theatre he had seen it in. “These two guys just drive,” he said. “That’s all they do.”...

Lisa Janssen

Lisa Janssen is a writer and documentary researcher living in Los Angeles. Her recent film work includes Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present and the acclaimed web series We’ve Been Around. She edited and oversaw the publication of filmmaker Curtis Harrington’s memoir Nice Guys Don’t Work in Hollywood as well as the reissue of Rudy Wurlitzer’s Slow Fade.