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“This book tells it like it was. It is the very first book to do so.”


“Immensely entertaining…I found these tales of unholy madness and drug-fueled abandon all too thought-provoking.”

—ROBERT CHRISTGAU, The New York Times Book Review

“Dishes the crud on everyone…As someone who was there at the time, I can vouch for how vividly it recaptures the swampy vitality of the New York scene…candid, inside, and detailed.”

—JAMES WOLCOTT, The New Yorker

“Does for the Ramones what the disiples did for Jesus.”


Please Kill Me might make you shed the kind of tears reserved for lost poets and fuckups, but it almost certainly will also make you laugh. It’s an honest, detailed oral history, uncensored—hell, filthy—and fascinating.”


“Free of historical self-revision or precious musical pontification, this book comes as close to capturing the coruscated brilliance and vein-puncturing style of the Blank Generation as the written word is likely to get.”


“One of the rudest, rowdiest excursions into the dark side, stuffed full of the sickest, most scandalous tales ever assembled on the ongoing epic of sex, drugs and rock & roll.”


“When outrageous movie director John Waters calls a book ‘shocking’ it must be something special and Please Kill Me is a shocking behind-the-scenes and over-the-top look at the survivors of the ’70s New York punk rock scene.”


Please Kill Me is lurid, insolent, disorderly, funny, sometimes gross, sometimes mean and occasionally touching.”


Please Kill Me is a scenester’s paradise, four-hundred pages of person-to-person, ‘I was there’ testimony fabulously edited for speed and irony. It calls up Edie, but it’s much richer. A lot about Edie was about covering up; in Please Kill Me, you rarely, if ever, get the feeling anyone is protecting a reputation or holding back.”

—GREIL MARCUS, Interview Magazine

Please Kill Me ranks up there with the great rock & roll books of all time.”


“[A] saga of nasty lyrics deafening music, leather jackets, drugs and early death.”


“It’s a tale from the crypt.”