February 2014

Month: February 2014

Paulo César Gadioli: How PKM Changed My Life

Interview by Danny Fields - Paulo César Gadioli: How Please Kill Me Changed My Life Paulo César Gadioli is an extremely modern young man, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, of Italian and Portuguese ancestry. As a child, he and his family did a brief stint in Germany where Paulo, thrust in a linguistic sink-or-swim situation, learned to read, understand and speak German in a hurry. When his family returned to Brazil, Paulo continued his education, and taught himself English—utilizing video games and a dictionary as tools. He graduated from college at 22, with a degree in journalism, and a love of music and movies—which led him to a course in film-making in New York. That’s where an astonishing coincidence brought Paulo into the very home of Gillian McCain, co-author of his all-time favorite book, Please Kill Me....