Mike Ness, singer of Social Distortion, in 1982.

“People say that punks are rebels without a cause, but that’s not true,  I mean we have plenty of things to fight for”

                                                   -Shawn Stern

‘Another State Of Mind,’ from 1982 is a very cool documentary of a summer punk rock tour with Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, and Minor Threat. Mike Ness, Keith Morris and various street kids explain the scene, slam dancing, discrimination of punks, among other social commentary. Manon is my favorite squatter with her shaved head and cute little French Canadian accent. The way she describes using men to get food and a roof over her head, only to jet when they want to sleep with her, is adorably tough. This ‘Decline of the Western Civilization‘ style doc makes me miss my punk rock roots growing up in SoCal. Viva La Revolution!

-Amy Haben

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