Shane ‘Santa’ MacGowan … ‘Happy Christmas yer arse / Pray God it’s our last’.

Photograph: Andy Soloman/Rex Features

The holidays are a very tricky time for most people. Whether it’s your drunk uncle spitting out racial slurs or your anorexic mother commenting on your weight gain, families are usually trigger-happy.

For many of us New Yorkers who are far away from our childhood homes, we make due with spending xmas with friends; in fact some of us even prefer it. Maybe you were dumped by your girlfriend just in time for Saint Nick. Your friends accept your sulking, whereas parents would say you were ruining the holidays. Or if you’d rather be alone with a bottle of whiskey listening to grumpy holiday tunes, that too, your friends will probably understand.

And besides, its the sad and angry holiday songs that are waaayyyy better than the traditional “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” or “First Noel.” Below are some of my favorite misanthropic holiday anthems in video form.

-Amy Haben

And a traditional tune:

If you’re still down,  watch the video below of The Sex Pistols throwing a Christmas party for needy kids. There’s nothing like watching pig-tailed seven year olds pogo to “Bodies” while wearing ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ t shirts. Instantly put a smile on my face.

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