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All The Young Punks #2: Beat on the Brat

Check out the Ramones “Beat on the Brat” covered by this shotgun-seated singer on the road, possibly in a tour van. We like her casual Attention Deficit Disorder approach to performance. Interesting two finger air piano solo. Obviously the dreamer type. The hot pink sunglasses are the icing on the cake ...
Punk Professor Confesses: Iggy’s Touch May Have Saved My Life! Danny Fields Interviews Maria Damon Introduction by Gillian McCain

Maria Damon: How Please Kill Me Changed My Life!

Punk Professor Confesses: Iggy’s Touch May Have Saved My Life! Danny Fields interviews Maria Damon - I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Damon on February 9, 2011 at Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye's 40th anniversary performance at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church. She’s a poetry scholar—so it turns out we had a few friends in common—but imagine my bigger surprise when she told me she was a huge Please Kill Me fan and that our book was a major factor in inspiring her to teach a course on Punk Literature at the University of Minnesota. - Gillian...
Please Kill Me theatrical production in Paris. The City Of Lights Embraces Please Kill Me!


PLEASE KILL ME: THE PLAY in Paris. Can I just say that I LOVE France? Legs can bash it all he wants—he’s the only person I know who doesn’t LIKE french fries—but he’s probably never been there and if he has he was on the road with the Scorpions or some other travesty of a band. And/or drunk. And lets just say that he’d pick a Ring Ding over a freshly baked croissant any day....
My Favorite Memory: How PKM Changed my Life

Joscha Blankenburg: How PKM Changed My Life

Interview by Danny Fields - Fifteen years after Please Kill Me was first published, we continue to meet people who say that our book changed their lives. Always curious about the why when and where, we wanted details. And who better to ask the hard questions than the guy we dedicated our book to, the Danny Fields, “the coolest guy in the room”? When Danny was in Berlin for an exhibit of his photos at the Ramones Museum he encountered a bright young man named Joscha Blankenburg, 20, (seen Mohawked in top photo at the age of 15), himself ein Berliner who was born a few years after the re-unification of Germany, which certainly qualifies him as innocent of the events re-counted in our book....
Caught Up. Image 1. Mug shots. Nothing but Mug Shots.


by Legs McNeil - "Mug shots. Nothing but mug shots." -- Imagine that you’ve just pulled out of the bar after a couple of drinks, your still trying to fasten your seatbelt-- when flickering red lights suddenly appear in your rearview mirror and a police siren pops on, signaling you to pull over. After a quick hand to eye sobriety test, the police officer asks you to blow into the breathalyzer-- and it comes up snake eyes. You lose; prepare to add a DUI to your permanent record....
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P.K.M. Book Review: How Loathsome

how loathsome

By Tristan Crane and Ted Naifeh

Review by Legs McNeil

HOW_LOATHSOME Graphic Novel How Loathsome is really hard to describe, so I will let one of the writer’s and illustrator, Ted Naifeh, in a 2006 interview with Manolis Vamvounis, for the website, begin to explain it to you: “How Loathsome is a faux-autobiographical comic about a semi-gender-queer person named Catherine Gore, who lives in San Francisco. The story kicks off when she meets Chloe, a gorgeous transsexual girl, at an S&M play party. Problem is, Chloe isn’t attracted to girls, and though she’s eager for men to see her as female, she can’t get past the fact that Catherine isn’t really male.” Got it? We didn’t think so.  ...