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Gillian McCain interview with The Monocle Weekly

Gillian McCain was a featured guest in July on the popular show The Monocle Weekly. Tom Hall from Monocle 24, an internet radio station based out of London, interviewed Gillian about the 20th Anniversary of Please Kill Me: the Uncensored Oral History of Punk. The interview is available below, just click play! Gillian’s interview starts at 26:38 if you’d like to jump ahead.

Tom and Gillian’s conversation includes discussion of the process that Legs McNeil and Gillian used to create Please Kill Me, as well as the interesting tidbit that Legs was originally working on the book with Dee Dee Ramone. They discuss Gillian’s experiences of interviewing some of the participants in the book, including her thoughts on Iggy Pop.

The interview also delves into Gillian’s insights on the fact that many of the people who were featured in Please Kill Me have since died, her interest in poetry, the influence of her writing teacher on her writing method, what would be considered “punk” today and whether the music is still relevant. Don’t miss this insightful interview!