1982’s ‘The Fabulous Stains,’ is one of my favorite cult movies. Starring a sixteen year old Diane Lane (Third Degree Burns) as the lead singer of an all girl punk band named The Stains, whose motto is, “We don’t put out!” Laura Dern stars as the teenage bandmate of Corinne “Third Degree” Burns who lead a revolution of skunk haired feminist girls with their mediocre melodies. A supergroup band played by some Sex Pistols and a Clash member call themselves The Looters and are big men on campus, having The Stains open up for them on tour. Until, the half naked skunk girls take over!!

-Amy Haben

The Looters (A.K.A. Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Paul Simonon, and Ray Winstone ) getting robbed of their song by The Fabulous Stains during a mall performance.

“I’m perfect. But no one in this shit hole gets me because I don’t put out!”   -Third Degree Burns


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