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Jeffrey Lee Pierce was the brilliant frontman of The Gun Club. Born in Montebello, California to a Mexican mother, he felt alienated growing up and considered himself a half-breed. The multi- talented Pierce wrote for Slash magazine as a Reggae reviewer and even lived in Jamaica for a bit. One of his best qualities, was encouraging his friends to make music, even insisting that they do. Bandmate Kid Congo Powers is interviewed, among others, in the documentary below. Powers was the west coast head of The Ramones fan club and Jeffrey was the head of the Blondie fan club. Jeffrey adored Debbie Harry and carried a signed note in his wallet from her which included hair dye instructions.  He tragically died of a brain hemorrhage on March 31, 1996.

-Amy Haben

Great Jeffrey Lee Pierce interview from ’89. He touches on Nick Cave, The Cramps, and how R.E.M. is trying to be like The Byrds, but just aren’t as good.

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