Richard Hell – Monday Morning Meditations

From the PKM Archives
           “We had to move from Lexington, Kentucky because my mom was gonna teach in Norfolk, Virginia. There I started in a public school, it was really huge, and I hated it. Anyway, I bitched about it all the time, and my mom found a way to send me to a boarding school. It wasn't any kinda classy boarding school. It was mostly upper middle class kids that the parents didn't wanna know--but it still was like a country club.             I got expelled from there--right at the beginning of 12th grade for taking morning glory seeds. They were a genuine psychedelic, a very potent drug. You get like you do with acid--this was 1966 and the most I'd ever done was a couple of joints. But I heard about these morning glory seeds, I can't remember how I heard about them, so I bought them from the hardware store. I just took the seeds and there were two or three people in my dorm that knew I was gonna do this.            It was an amazing experience. I felt so powerful. I felt like a superhuman. But my friends were worried that I shouldn't leave the dorm, that I'd give myself away. But I wanted to go to this dance they were holding. There was a school dance that night. So I'd throw myself at the door into these bunch of bodies--and it was like a big free for all--they were trying to protect me from myself, but I was insisting on going out. I was so determined. So in the end they let me go, but four or five of them hung around to protect me. We go over to the dance-- and there was this guy who I saw in the room where the dance was.            He was the most pathetic character in the school, like a dork, just a guy who didn't have a clue. He was the guy who some guys would stand around and get him to beat off while they watched--real cruel. He had a crush on this girl that everybody knew about because he would write notes to her--just about the most desirable girl in school. This sweet beautiful Jew. Anyhow he caught my eye.  I saw him walk over to this girl and ask her for a dance and she said, "No," and I thought it was heart-breaking and I started to cry, ha, ha, ha! People are gathering around me trying to shield me from the chaperones--but I really started sobbing.”                                                   Richard Hell rich-Hell-mmm2b


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