NYC Rocker Dave Tudi’s Pleasure Motel, with Chorizo, and Twisty Cats at Berlin Bar.

They say rock & roll is dead in NYC. Move to L.A. they say, there’s a big scene there.

While I do think that L.A. has tons of talented musicians, a lot of them my friends, don’t turn your back on New York yet. My point was proven on a Monday night in June at Berlin on 2nd Street and Avenue A. The night started off with a cool as ice set from Pleasure Motel, a new project by local musician Dave Tudi. Dave has been compared to Nick Cave in the looks department, but I’d say sprinkle in a little ‘80s porn star and a dash of biker as well. His act is similar to Martin Rev’s but I wouldn’t call him a copycat. He has his own thing and it’s a welcome nod to late ‘70s NYC, a time when artists didn’t play by the rules, but took risks, creating a genuine scene of intelligent weirdos.

Pleasure Motel by Violet Shuraka

The next band were the lovable jokers, Chorizo who write lyrics about vampires, dirty sex, and cheesy love, according to keyboard player Chip, a heavily tattooed, petite vixen. Native San Franciscan, O.J. San Felipe, plays guitar with all the frenzy of a rabid dog, akin to Kurt Cobain. Talented drummer Lyla Vander keeps busy between multiple bands such as Roya, and The B Girls. They usually have different friends at every show taking on the role of singer. This night saw two different girls behind the mic. First was the charismatic model Ruby Aldridge, who put a blond, bob cut wig over her long, brown hair. The final touch was a Zorro style mask that they all the band members wore. Their set was an electric, post-punk thrill ride full of shouts and bangs, with Ruby dancing her way with a tough swagger through the crowd. The second singer had a softer voice that went along nicely with the more garage rock feel of the band’s other songs.

Chorizo – photo by Tom Jarmusch

Chorizo by Tom Jarmusch

Last was Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis’ band, Twisty Cats. They are NYC transplants, now living in Savannah, Georgia. They are a sexy couple and that dynamic translates into their sound. Think Berlin meets Sisters Of Mercy meets Chris Isaac (am I allowed to use that last one?) Peter Mavrogeorgis formerly played with The Vanity Set with Jim Sclavunos of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Twisty Cats

Twisty Cats

All of these bands have a no bullshit, stripped down sound missing from the new music of today. I was transported to a completely different time where there are no lame acts like Haim or The 1975. Check out all of these bands in the videos!


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