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Iggy Pop & Nick Cave 1993

Nick Cave is my favorite person on the planet. When I think about it though, there wouldn’t be a Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds without the musicians that came before him. I believe his dark mind and shadowy persona were equal parts nature and nurture.

The man in black can do no wrong, and Nick Cave, a.k.a.”the demon preacher” is perceived in a similar way.




Didn’t really figure Nick to be a Tom Jones fan, but here’s the evidence. Maybe this is where he picked up his sex-appeal.


Who doesn’t love Leonard Cohen?



Cave didn’t cover “Out Demons Out” but he was very inspired by this song by the Edgar Broughton Band, as you can hear….


The Pop Group, 70’s avant-garde heroes who are just lately getting some long over due recognition.

Nick Cave talking about his love of The Pop Group.

“I’m a bad motherfucker don’t you know, I’d crawl over fifty good pussies to get to one fat boys asshole!” That infamous line from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, ‘Stagger Lee’, was actually lifted from the Snatch and The Poontangs blues track below.

P.J. Harvey was a major influence in Nick’s life. They recorded the song ‘Henry Lee’, before ever meeting. They met on the set for the video for the song where they had to act like lovers. The chemistry was intense and they remained together for two more years from that day forward. The song “Black Hair” was written about P.J.

Collaboration with Iggy Pop for Jeffrey Lee Pierce sessions project album, ‘Axels & Sockets.’

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