I just visited Dee Dee Ramone’s grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. The late rocker’s headstone had lipstick kissed graffiti in a variety of shades, including purple. Littered around the bottom were empty beer cans, hot sauce packets, cigarettes, and guitar picks. The humble, little stone has really been loved on by Dee Dee’s friends and fans. I said a little prayer to ‘Mr. 1, 2, 3, 4,’ and knelt down to kiss the peak of the marble. As I walked back to my rental car, the security guard scooted up on her golf cart. She had snuck me in during closed hours while a funeral was happening because I said I wanted to say hi to a friend and would only be 5 minutes. She was obviously timing me. In honor of Dee Dee, I found some weird videos and wacky songs he was involved in for your viewing pleasure.
                                                                                       -Amy Haben


   Dee Dee Ramone’s song ironically titled, “Please Kill Me.”
    Dee Dee and The Chinese Dragons on Argentinian TV.
     An excellent cover of Nirvana’s, “Negative Creep,” that even Kurt would have approved of….. need I say more?
       Sweet behind the scenes clips from Dee Dee’s life compiled for this video titled, “Last Days.”
           “We could really blow this place apart.”  – Dee Dee Ramone
             Strangest talk show for a punk band to appear on, The Ramones visit Regis and Kathy Lee in 1988. As the band is being introduced, Joey says, “I almost thought you said he (Dee Dee) is on drugs, but he’s on drums!”
   Dee Dee King is, “Fuh – fuh- fuh- fuh-fuh- fuh- fuh- fuh- funky!”
 Funny interview with Dee Dee and Joey Ramone from the 1980’s.


Documentary on the original punk rapper, Dee Dee King.

  1. “Bikini Bandits” – (NSFW)

Boobs, guns, and animation!  What more could a teenage boy want in life? Add in the devil wearing a giant strap on and Pope Dee Dee Ramone and you’re in for a campy wild ride!!!