April 2015

Month: April 2015

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Whatever your political leanings, we can all agree that these are strange days in America. The line between reality and reality TV has been erased and the idea of “President Donald Trump” has gone from an amusing joke to a frighteningly real possibility. The more people he insults, the more popular he gets. How do you wrap your head around that? For author Laura M. Mac Donald, the answer was easy: write a children’s book! In The Very Strange Day, she portrays Mr. Trump as the wall-building, immigrant bashing bully that he is. Ms. MacDonald, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, emigrated to New York City in 2000. She is now a recently naturalized citizen and will vote in her first election in November. If Trump wins, she looks forward to being audited....

The Genius of Rudy Wurlitzer

by Lisa Janssen - Every once in a while my father would talk about his favorite movie Two-Lane Blacktop. As he spoke of it his gaze would drift to a place far off from the dinner table. He would describe the white line going up the middle of the highway, how it filled the screen of the drive-in theatre he had seen it in. “These two guys just drive,” he said. “That’s all they do.”...