Bebe Buell- Monday Morning Meditation

From The PKM Archives…

“Alice Cooper was so nice and generous, but what made him   happy was just watching TV and drinking beer and he didn't even   notice when his girlfriend, Cindy Lange, sent Brian Ferry and his   band on tour on Alice’s American Express card. Roxy Music did   their whole first tour on Alice’s credit card. I mean, the poor guy.   Johnny Thunders would come in to Max’s Kansas City, saying,   ‘Cindy Lange just took me shopping on Alice’s credit card, here's   my new pink boots with feathers...’           Those days were about who had the highest platform shoes   and Cindy would go to Bloomingdale's and buy racks of clothing.   Then I would come over and hang out with her, and there'd be all   these clothes hanging in the closet with tags on them and she   would just give them away, ‘Oh, I can't wear that!’           I was like, ‘Cindy, don't you try these clothes on at the store   before you buy them?’            And she's like, ‘No, no, I just get what I want, I'm too lazy to   take it back, so I just give it to my friends…’             So I had so many things from her, clothing that was never   worn and then I would start to feel guilty about it because I was   thinking, ‘Jesus Christ, this girl's spending thousands of Alice   dollars!’             But Alice did loose his sense of humor about it eventually.    He dumped Cindy very unceremoniously when he took her to   Hawaii and said he was going up to the room to get something and   left her on the beach-- and then went to Arizona and married his   dancer. I consider that an unceremonious sort of dumping. I’m sure   Cindy wished she saved those clothes after that, ha, ha, ha!”                                                               Bebe Buell​
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