Alice Cooper is one of the sweetest guys on earth. That’s why it’s hard to believe him when he talks about how ‘dangerous’ Alice is. Obviously, he’s talking about his alter ego, but the sweet, and intelligent Vincent Furnier would never hurt a fly. That’s probably why he acts out his dark fantasies on stage.

I have to say I’m not thrilled with how the 70’s HBO rock drama Vinyl turned out. I still watch every episode with friends, mainly to laugh at the characters..  From hair and clothing to general personality, there is something off. I mean, the Johnny Thunders character is ridiculous! Though the brilliant actor, writer, and directorJohn Cameron Mitchell (best known for originating the title role in  Hedwig and the Angry Inch) did a fantastic job playing Andy Warhol. Another area where the show got it right was with their Alice Cooper character, played by Dustin Ingram. He is a spot on Alice in every way. Even Shep Gordon, Alice’s long time manager, gave Ingram’s performance a thumbs up. Shep also lent the show Alice’s real guillotine for an episode. Check out this Finnish interview with Alice Cooper from 1973 below.

-Amy Haben

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