photos by Mike Barich


In celebration of the release of Gimme Danger we are happy to be able to publish these unseen photos of the Stooges by photographer Mike Barich.

Mike Barich’s memory of that night: “I think they were done in July of 1970. I know they were done at the Metropolitan Sports Center (awful sound), now replaced by the Mall of America, In Bloomington, Minnesota, a first ring suburb of Minneapolis, near the airport. There was no seating on the main floor, so it was SRO, except for a small space where Iggy got off the stage and everyone moved back.

The audience was a little, some a lot, surprised, by the show. My musician friends, I brought several, didn’t quite know what to think. One said it was vaguely similar to Mick Jagger. I found it very interesting, but I really can’t say more because I was trying hard to get some representative photos.”

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