In celebration of the release of Gimme Danger we are happy to be able to publish these unseen photos of the Stooges by photographer Mike Barich.

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 ALL PHOTOS © by Mike Barich

Mike Barich’s memory of that night: “I think they were done in July of 1970. I know they were done at the Metropolitan Sports Center (awful sound), now replaced by the Mall of America, In Bloomington, Minnesota, a first ring suburb of Minneapolis, near the airport. There was no seating on the main floor, so it was SRO, except for a small space where Iggy got off the stage and everyone moved back.

The audience was a little, some a lot, surprised, by the show. My musician friends, I brought several, didn’t quite know what to think. One said it was vaguely similar to Mick Jagger. I found it very interesting, but I really can’t say more because I was trying hard to get some representative photos.”