(Cover of Members Only by Julie Tibbott)

You know what’s cool?  When your friend writes a book that you love about a subject that you would check out anyway. I present to you Member’s Only, an in-depth review of every secret society known. From former President George Bush’s alma matter as one of the ‘Skull and Bones,’ to ‘The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,’ whose members included W.B. Yeats, Bram Stoker, and Aleister Crowley.


(The Hellfire Club)

The Hellfire Club for gentlemen was founded in 1719 by Duke Philip of Wharton.  The members of this sect were hard partiers. In addition to dressing in costume and mocking Christianity, they had orgies, drank tons of booze and engaged in satanic rituals. Their purpose was to mock the strict morality of the puritans, especially of the royal family. Absolutely, the most metal cult of the time!!!

Did you know that Jay-Z and Beyonce are Illuminati insiders? Jay-Z even named his record label Roc-A-Fella after one of the Illuminati’s founding families, the Rockafellers. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Kanye West, The Kardashian family, and Eminem have all been accused of being insiders. Controlling the planet with the other outrageously rich and powerful.  Eminem’s lyrics mention the Illuminati, while Rihanna had “Princess of the Illuminati,” blasted across the background in her music video for the song “S & M.” Or maybe none of these megastars are illuminati members, but it’s not hard to believe is it?


(Jim Jones)

The People’s Temple was one of my personal favorite cults, second only to the rock & roll stoners of The Source Family. I can see why it was easy to believe in Reverend Jim Jones in the beginning. He started his church in Indiana in 1956, and brought it to California in 1965. He was very progressive and racially inclusive during a time when segregation was part of everyday life. He was against the Vietnam war and convinced followers of his healing powers, which were of coarse staged to obtain new members. The kicker, when people should of ran for the hills, was when he decided to move the congregation to Guyana because ex-members were talking to the press about sexual and physical abuse.  I mean that’s classic perpetrator behavior, isolating his victims. Sorry, but you deserved to drink the kool-aid if you knew of abuse and decided to follow him to another country.


(The emblem of The Thule Society)

The Thule Society was a group started in 1918 that is thought to have had planted the seeds of Nazism. Named after the lost continent of Thule that was believed to be the home of the aryan race. Through magic, the members believed they could access the master race and enable Germany to dominate the world. They disappeared in 1926, but reappeared in 1933 with the rise of Nazism but died out again soon after.

This book is outlined well with the name of each group, established date, exclusivity factor, threat factor, quirk factor, history and background, membership requirements, and details of the clubs rituals. There are quirky groups that you can actually become a member of today. Julie gives the contact information to join more harmless groups, such as the Lily Dade Assembly, which is a psychic based group. “Members Only,” makes a great gift for the occult loving conspiracy theorist in your group of friends.

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