Teenage News Issue no 1




I just received my copy of San Francisco based zine ‘Teenage News’  Issue #2, in the mail. Created by Gus Bernadicou, this B&W 87 page magazine is chock full of interviews and pictures of all of your favorite musicians.

Reminiscent of the last century, this current zine is printed and bound as a magazine. Millennial’s probably wouldn’t remember the  concept of underground zines, since everything is accessible on the internet and takes the form of a blog.

An old soul is conceived now and again, thank god, and Gus is just that. The head writer and editor of ‘Teenage News’ happens to be in his twenties. Not only is the format incredible but the content is as well. In issue #1, there are interviews with the late Kim Fowley, NY Dolls member Sylvain Sylvain, and Todd Rundgren!! Hurray, Gus!!

What to look forward to in Issue #2:

The first article is an interview with Cherie Currie of The Runaways. I’ve been a fan of the “Queens Of Noise” for twenty years. So my greedy little paws were eager to access the page…

TEENAGE NEWS: “Being fifteen when you joined The Runaways, how  was it being a overnight sensation?  Living the life of a rockstar, and not  having time to spend on your youth?”

CHERIE CURRIE: “Well we didn’t really live like rockstars because we really weren’t getting paid. The record company was ripping us off. We didn’t make any money, we were just basically living on a little,  twenty dollars here and twenty dollars there, kind of thing.”

Next is an interview with Gary Powell of The Libertines. Followed by an interview with Jennifer Powell of L.A. based band Bleached. One of our PKM contributors, Madeline Bocaro, wrote the article “Klaus Nomi: Riding The New Wave.” It is about the Klaus Nomi- David Bowie performance on Saturday Night Live. Madeline was there and gives us her first hand experience of meeting the legendary artists. I’m very jealous, as the Daily Motion version of the “TVC15” and “Boy’s Keep Swinging” performances are as close as I get.

On page 27, you will find an interview with Kinks founder Dave Davies.

TEENAGE NEWS: “Any words on Lou Reed passing away?”

DAVE DAVIES: “He used to go to some Kinks gigs in the early  1970’s. There was a lot of mutual respect and admiration between us. He will be missed. He was a crucial and integral part of the American scene.”

The handsome John Doe of legendary Los Angeles punk band X is also interviewed. Here is my favorite snippet….

TEENAGE NEWS: “Do you think Phil Spector is innocent or guilty?”

JOHN DOE: “Guilty.”

TEENAGE NEWS: “Have you ever met him?”

JOHN DOE: “No. I have nothing to base it on except media and stories. But I think anyone who brings guns into the fucking recording studio is……..”

There is so much killer shit in here and I am only half way through!!! Album reviews, favorite songs of some well known musicians, interviews with Tommy James and Vinnie Kircher, Cherry Vanilla’s personal photo collection, The Mutants comprehensive track run down, and the adventures of Bobby Jameson with Frank Zappa.


Grab your own copy here!! :


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