Mama, I swear, its real and its telling me to do bad things to you!I knew she was a little precocious but never in my life would I have thought…Future fodder for EMDRThe last day they played togetherYou’ll hurt your head if I hit you with him.I told you if you put those two together you would regret it!What did i know? She just seemed like a doll version of meJust because Papa won’t teach me doesn’t mean I can’t teach myself!She tried to love him but he was bad, very very badLick it, I said!If you don’t give me your money I’ll jump and land on my knees and get them all bloody and tell Mommy you pushed meIt started out all casual and stuffHmmm… whose life am i going to fuck with today?They were just pretending to be zombies! They didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt!Guess what? They just passed a new law and now I can bring it to school!The Arbus twins had nothing on themBut animal sacrifice was part of the play! It was written in the script!

All images ©2015 Gillian McCain

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