Iggy Pop by Todd McGovern
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Iggy Pop In Conversation With Thurston Moore

Iggy Pop’s reputation, from those who know him, is that offstage, he is basically a nice, laid back guy. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with him? C’mon…admit it, you have. I mean, who hasn’t?

After naming Iggy’s Post Pop Depression its 2016 Album of the Year, Rough Trade Records was invited into his Miami home to film a casual, hour-long conversation between him and Thurston Moore. The conversation ranged from the early days of the Stooges and their creative process to his collaboration with Josh Homme to record stores and local Miami bands. Their conversation, which takes place in Iggy’s garden, is interspersed with impromptu jam sessions in Iggy’s living room. This unique little film is made better by a lack of pretension from the sometimes pretentious Moore. Check it out, it’s a rollicking good time, eavesdropping on good friends talking about rock & roll!

Iggy Pop photo by Todd McGovern

Trailer for I’ve Nothing But My Name:

Here are some things you’ll learn from watching I’ve Nothing But My Name:

•  The Stooges did not have merchandise until Iggy and the Asheton brothers were in their 60s.

• Gardenia, the first single from Iggy Pop’s last album, “Post Pop Depression” was written for/about a  6’ tall, powerfully built African-American woman who Iggy met in San Francisco when he was on tour in the 1980s. She accompanied Iggy to his gig wearing a baby doll dress with a Gardenia in her hair.  Allen Ginsberg was there and when he took a break from ogling her, named her “Gardenia.” Years later, Iggy wrote 12 essays about people he’d met in his life who’d made a big impression on him and with whom he’d had intimate relations.  The song came from his essay about her.

• In their first incarnation as the Psychedelic Stooges, band members Iggy Pop, Dave Alexander, Ron Asheton, and Scott Asheton played oil drums, a vacuum cleaner, an air compressor, among other things.

• The early Stooges couldn’t even play “Johnny B. Goode”!
See Thurston and Iggy jam on “Johnny B. Goode” (Part I – 15:55 mark)

• Watch Iggy and Thurston perform an impromptu version of a Them’s “Gloria” (Part III –  4:45 mark).

• The 10 minute + We Will Fall was included on the first Stooges album because it was composed by bassist Dave Alexander.  The band wanted something composed by every member.  

• Iggy’s favorite record store in Miami, where he resides is Sweat Records

• When documentary filmmakers can’t get Neil Young or Tom Waits to provide music for their films,  they call Iggy.

• Iggy’s favorite writer is Michel Houellebecq.

• Thurston Moore buys The New York Times for the paper’s crossword puzzle. Thursday’s crossword is known as “The Jewel” in the weekly crossword crown.

Some of Iggy’s current favorite bands:

Iggy Pop photo by Todd McGovern
Iggy Pop photo by Todd McGovern

Episode 1 of I’ve Nothing But My Name

Episode 2 of I’ve Nothing But My Name

Episode 3 I’ve Nothing But My Name