Brooklyn trio Big Cheese may have only begun in 2013, but they have resurrected the powerful and darkly introspective sound of ’90s-era rock bands. Drummer Justin Iwinski cites Nirvana as a major influence (“Big Cheese” being a track off Nirvana’s 1989 album Bleach), while songs off their second album, Supersonic Nothing, reflect the Stooges and the Melvins.  Adam Patten holds down the guitar and vocals (sounding quite a bit like the singer of The Butthole Surfers at times) and the newest member, Kevin Gonyo, plays bass.

On their first album, Loose Teeth, Patten and Iwinski proceeded as a two-piece, creating a grunge feel with a nod to Sonic Youth. Stylistically, the band has grown immensely with the addition of Gonyo, bringing a new, but familiar, energy to Supersonic Nothing. The video for album’s opening track– a pulse-racing song about a dysfunctional relationship known as “Thank You” – showcases dancer Jillian Lauren Goodwin. Her svelte body jaunting around an abandoned resort in the Poconos creates the quintessential angst-ridden visual.

* Don’t miss out on seeing Big Cheese live on October 22nd at The Bitter End in NYC’s West Village.

– Amy Haben

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