Last known photo of George and John together. Taken at The Troubadour in West Hollywood – 1974. Photo credit: Jesse Ed Davis

The recording of a very sweet song, “Oh my love.” John Lennon is singing and playing piano with George on guitar. Phil Spector is also listening in with groovy shades on. I really like when John says that he has enjoyed sex without love and love without sex. They don’t necessarily go together.

Below is an adorable video of Sean Lennon as a child. He’s obviously very bright and has some of his dad’s sharp sarcasm. Especially, when the interviewer says, “Now, you’re a kid….”  Sean’s comeback is, “No, I’m a grown up man. I’m 50 years old. I’m just a midget. All these people were lying to you here.”

-Amy Haben


Photo: Sotheby’s/ Mercury Press & Media Ltd


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