Mystical man, Marc Bolan knew he wanted  to be a star even as a child. John’s Children was Bolan’s first band as a mod in the mid- sixties. Followed by Tyrannosaurus Rex, which formed in 1967, releasing four acoustic albums. Eventually, they went electric and shortened the name to T. Rex,  becoming glam rock, and subsequently started producing number one hits. The petite rock god had David Bowie open for his band T. Rex in 1969, with fans mobbing him and bypassing Bowie most days. The media called the fan frenzy, “T-Rextacy.” Bolan insisted on meeting Mick Jagger, and grabbed his testicles at first sight, getting dragged away by security guards.

T. Rex eventually took punk rockers, The Damned, on tour with them in 1977. For these dirty punks, it was high luxury accommodations, not to mention beautiful groupies. Bolan died that same year in a car crash which he had predicted previously. Besides the terrible re-enactments, this is a great documentary.

-Amy Haben

Marc Bolan interview with Russell Harty.


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