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MICK FARREN/LESTER BANGS:            I didn't know Lester Bangs, I knew his work, but I didn’t get to know him until he came over to London and needed a place to stay. So he stayed at my place—which was a complete wreck and Lester liked that. But he got really annoying because he'd just given up everything-- and then he discovered you could buy codeine across the counter in England—and that was all he cared about.              I liked Lester Bangs actually, but he could be real  tedious.  Lester could never get laid, cause he always had to open his fucking mouth and blow it, ya know? Lester would moan all night  about he wanted to get laid and you'd set him up with some broad, who was willing to fuck him cause she'd read his stuff-- but then he'd start talking-- and that was the end of any sexual connection.              Lester was kinda peculiar about women cause he was brought up weird. I think he put an awful lot of not-getting-laid into his writing. I think he sublimated an awful lot into this  bizarro fucking rock criticism. I mean, he dressed like a wino, with that fucking moustache, and I was like, ‘Come on Lester,  if you wanna get laid, shave the fucking moustache off, lose 20 pounds and get yourself a decent wardrobe!’ I mean gimme a fucking break-- he hadn't just got back from Vietnam! But he dressed like it!             On the other hand, he was a hellacious writer.

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Let it Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs,
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