By Gillian McCain


A rebel even then. Tie askew on purpose? Absolutely.

Mick Jagger circa 1964

Mick was way, way ahead of you, Beiber. The haircut that fathered the look of many a boy band for decades to come… The rounded collar and leather vest… its those details that make Mick, Mick.


Normcore (see Part One)


Hmm… hated it at first, now its growing on me.


Eek! These pants. LOVE. Looks like they were made by a Laurel Canyon seamstress, who took a long time taking measurements… if you know what i mean…


Sometimes i think Mick is into stripes because its the most affective way to combine color. Khaki, purple, grape… nice. Then you’ve got the tortoise shell and the royal blue, along with the denim… You’d be hard pressed to get all of those shades in an one outfit if you were wearing solids. The semi-cat-eye sunglasses—unusual. Nice touch, Mick.


It is surprising difficult to find a good picture of Mick in this iconic outfit. The grommets fucking work here! Cutest haircut ever. If only this ensemble didn’t signify the End of the Sixties. Perhaps partly brought on by the symbol on Mick’s tee-shirt, which I assume has satanic connotations but am too lazy to research.


The obscure tee shirt that spawned a semi-famous photograph of Mick in an obscure  tee shirt. The question is: Did he do the legover with Linda or not? My guess would be yes. Somewhere in Malibu. Linda was wearing a white camisole and cutoffs, and had just finished ironing Mick’s… I dunno, white linen bermuda shorts? … Mick came up behind and… post coital they ride a white stallion along the beach at dusk… then back to the “shanty” to sing “Wild Horses” acapella…


Mick with fashion designer Caroline Herrara in Montauk, pretending their color scheme was a mere coincidence. I LOVE MICK’S LOOK HERE. Like a grumpy teenage boy on his way to chemistry class… only to go home and have Mum nag him about his hair…


Another meaningless tee-shirt made cool. And a rarity:  a white guy able to pull off bright yellow.


Usually i hate newsboy caps but Mick owns it. The indecipherable shirt not buttoned properly is an interesting touch. Here is an example of Mick’s talent at mixing conservative patterns and textures— and making it total rock & roll. You know Paul Smith stole this concept from Mick.

Candid Portraits of Celebrities by Norman Seeff, 1970s-80s (5)

Hello? Can you hear me? Is anyone out there? I am about to faint.


Mick trying to stay “relevant.” Kinda cute.  Adorable, really. Just think he went a little far…


The Glitter Twins. The Black and Blue period? Again, Mick getting an A+ on the art of simplicity. Its the small details that make the shirt interesting… the puffed sleeves, a bangle and a watch. Keith is such a master of the scarf that you’d think he was French…


Mick was always smart enough to go easy on the patterns (if you don’t include stripes and checks). He knew a little goes a long way. LOVE this shirt. Like a cross of Matisse/Marimekko/maybe a little Ossie Clark? He pulls it off. Few of us could. They eyeliner adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Notice how the Coke bottles match his shirt? God is in the details.


Absolutely not! But I LOVE Bianca’s dress. Williwear?


The “Hey, what’s the matter with you, boy” phase? Nice for a stroll along Zuma beach when Los Angeles weather has been unpredictably chilly. Are those aviator sunglasses in his hand? Now those I cannot condone. At least with this outfit.



Perhaps I am obsessed with this look because this tour occurred at the height of my Mick crush (1981). The year Mom found the stack of pictures under my bed (“What you see in that disgusting looking man is just beyond me”). The year Dad offhandedly said that he’d sat across the aisle from “Mike [sic] Jagger”  on the Concorde. I was speechless. I had come so close! One degree of separation! Which reminds me of Legs comment, “Isn’t it sad that for much of your life  you were too young for Mick Jagger… and now you are too old?”


Bad belt. Very, very bad belt. Go away, belt. But his choice of navy over black is stellar. Thats what we will focus on instead of the North Beach Leather vibe he’s got going on here. Mick. Fashion wise he usually beats to the beat of a different drummer.  Music wise? He goes to Charlie’s beat. Not only is Watts a great musician, but he’s also got the best tailor on Saville Row on speed dial.


Yum. Aging with dignity. Sex God simplicity.



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