RON ASHETON/JFK:  		The first person that I ever met that bowled me over was when I shook hands with John F Kennedy, when he was  campaigning in Davenport Iowa. I was part of the Boy Scout Honor Guard, and when his car got up to me, the crowd surged forward-- and my head was right by his dick, man. I'm freaking out, I'm wearing my Boy Scout uniform-- and the Secret  Service man grabs me by the shirt, and it's choking me, and he goes, ‘Take it easy little kid…’  		I stuck my hand out; it was one of those finger touching moments. He looked so fucking beautiful, man. So I'm pushing people back, because a policeman’s tricycle was coming by, and I couldn't get back far enough, and the tricycle wheels ran over both my feet, but I didn't feel it. I was such in a daze, I forgot about getting my ride home, I walked the five miles.  		The next day I was like, ‘Oh no, why are my toe nails black?’ 		I'd felt no pain cause I was totally bedazzled.

©2015 Legs McNeil – Gillian McCain

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