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Summer Drink Series – Keith Richards

Keith Richards’ Nuclear Waste

There is perhaps no one more legendary for rock & roll debauchery than Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, notorious for his days as a junkie and juicehead. “Booze and pills and powder, you’ve got to choose your medicine,” he sang on “Before They Make Me Run,” from 1978’s Some Girls album, and I swear, every interview I’ve ever read with Keith begins with him sauntering into the room, a drink in one hand and a Marlboro in the other. But even “Keef” knew when to say when. He gave up skag in the late 1970s following a bust in Toronto. He stuck it out longer with cocaine, until 2006, only quitting after plummeting from a palm tree onto his head while high and scavenging for coconuts. By Keith’s own account, he’s down to the occasional indulgence of weed, hash and alcohol. But don’t hold your breath, waiting for him to go on the wagon when it comes to drink. When Alice Cooper told Keith it had been 20 years since he had a drink, Keith responded, “It begs the question…Why?”

Below is a cocktail Keith claims to have invented and I imagine he did. I mean, who else but Keith would drink Sunkist soda?

At one point or another, we’ve all imagined what it would be like to be him. My weekend suggestion? Put a scratched up version of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on the turntable, light up a cigarette and mix up a pitcher of “Nuclear Waste” for you and your mates. Cheers!

Favorite Summer Drink: Nuclear Waste

2 ounces Rubinoff vodka
1 ounces Sunkist or any orange soda
Lots of ice

Add lots of ice to a large glass
Mix together 2 parts vodka with 1 part orange soda. 

Please Drink Responsibly!

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