Why Henry Rollins Lost Respect for Robin Williams After Suicide!


“How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children?” asks the singer. “Choosing to kill yourself…is every shade of awful, traumatic and confusing”


Robin Williams’ suicide has inspired Henry Rollins to pen a 997-word missive for L.A. Weekly in which he highlights the selfishness of the act. Although he called Williams “a good man” and praised his performances for the USO, he said that he lost respect for Williams when he learned that the actor had killed himself, primarily citing the fact that Williams was a father.

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R.I.P. Drew Bernstein, Lip Service And Kill City Founder!


By Lina Lecaro

Drew Bernstein, the creator of popular rock and roll clothing lines Lip Service and Kill City, was found dead yesterday of an apparent suicide by gunshot.

His body was discovered on a hiking trail in the Hollywood Hills off of Mulholland Drive. He was 51.

The L.A. native came up on the local skateboarder scene, hanging with people like Tony Alva and another recently departed local icon, Jay Adams.

Bernstein was also in several punk bands. Though his music career was short, he was constantly on the scene, and appeared in Penelope Spheeris’ punk film, Suburbia.

But it was the fashion he created, for “freaks” and “weirdos,” in his words, that left the greatest mark.

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Butch Vig’s Favorite Albums!


By Louie Gatas


The Ramones – The Ramones

It’s the seminal punk rock album ever and it’s the album that inspired 10,000 punk bands. It’s so minimalist and raw – the production and even the way it’s recorded and mixed, with the guitar panel inside the bass and drums. It clocks in 23 minutes or something; it sorta set the tempo for at least one thang that punk-rock would become. The lyrics were sort of cartoony but they also had this stern attitude. It’s the classic classic punk rock album.

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This 100-Year-Old Sex Therapist Is Just As Awesome As You’d Hope!


Tracy Moore

Sex is totally different now, because we are different, except its really not different at all, because its still just sex and we are still mostly humans. This is precisely what youd hope and expect any 100-year-old, still-practicing sex therapist to confirm for you in her own delightful way.

Her name is Dr. Shirley Zussman, and she is a sex therapist in New York City, and she just turned 100, and she is super interesting. From a piece over at Time from Charlotte Alter on Zussmans thoughts on sex, we learn:Shes one of the oldest sex therapists in the world, but that might be the least extraordinary thing about her life and career. Born at the beginning of World War I, she graduated from Smith college in 1934, in the same class as Julia Child.

Zussman was mentored through her graduate dissertation by Margaret Mead, and in the 1960s learned about sex therapy from Masters and Johnson, the inspiration for the Showtime series Masters of Sex. Her husband, a gynecologist, performed one of the first legal abortions in New York.

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by Aime Joseph

from Scram issue #11

It was quite late, almost 4 am and my diet Mountain Dew buzz was wearing thin. I had been editing a video in Kim Fowley’s living room. In true Fowley fashion, he had wanted to save money, so instead of booking time at a post house he rented some grade “B” equipment from one of his cronies. So there, I sat, on his dusty carpet editing what would soon become one of the largest teen appeal groups of the ‘90s, Hanson.

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Billy Rath Interview!


Billy Rath was the bassist for Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. He recalls his early days as a musician, starting with the fifth grade, and talks about his current project Billy Raths Street Pirates.

Punk Globe: How did you get your start in the music biz?

Billy Rath: I was told that that once a person gets paid for playing music you are officially in the music business. That would put me in the 5th grade, whats that 12 years old? At that time I was playing the accordion. I would play private parties, ie: K of C, Woman’s Club, etc. I also had a 3 piece band and we would play school dances.

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The Uncensored Oral History of Punk