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Paulo César Gadioli: How PKM Changed My Life

Interview by Danny Fields - Paulo César Gadioli: How Please Kill Me Changed My Life Paulo César Gadioli is an extremely modern young man, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, of Italian and Portuguese ancestry. As a child, he and his family did a brief stint in Germany where Paulo, thrust in a linguistic sink-or-swim situation, learned to read, understand and speak German in a hurry.When his family returned to Brazil, Paulo continued his education, and taught himself English—utilizing video games and a dictionary as tools. He graduated from college at 22, with a degree in journalism, and a love of music and movies—which led him to a course in film-making in New York. That’s where an astonishing coincidence brought Paulo into the very home of Gillian McCain, co-author of his all-time favorite book, Please Kill Me.

Natalie Stoogeling

By Danny Fields(Interviewers note: Natalie and I met when I was working at Elektra Records in the late 1960’s. I’d just persuaded my reluctant bosses to sign Iggy and the Stooges, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to a recording contract by presenting them as part of a “package deal.” The aim of Elektra was really to get the MC5, who were EXPLODING in the Midwest, signed to the label. The MC5 were sort of the Stooges “Big Brother” band, we all claimed.
Punk Professor Confesses: Iggy’s Touch May Have Saved My Life! Danny Fields Interviews Maria Damon Introduction by Gillian McCain

Maria Damon: How Please Kill Me Changed My Life!

Punk Professor Confesses: Iggy’s Touch May Have Saved My Life! Danny Fields interviews Maria Damon - I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Damon on February 9, 2011 at Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye's 40th anniversary performance at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church. She’s a poetry scholar—so it turns out we had a few friends in common—but imagine my bigger surprise when she told me she was a huge Please Kill Me fan and that our book was a major factor in inspiring her to teach a course on Punk Literature at the University of Minnesota. - Gillian