Please Kill Me's Summer Cocktail Series - the Prince Smash


The Please Kill Me Staff Celebrates the 4th of July with the Prince Smash Cocktail.

Here at Please Kill Me, the charcoal briquettes are turning an ashy grey and the burgers, wienies, chicken, steaks and Tofu Pups are waiting to be grilled. Tubs of ice cold canned and bottled beer abound! But since tomorrow is a national holiday, we feel we should bring our “A” game to the party. So let’s kick things off with a proper cocktail, shall we?

Today’s libation, the Prince Smash, comes to us courtesy of Liam McMillin, a partner at The Goodkind, a new coffee business opening in Lakewood, Ohio. When asked about the name of the drink, Liam gave us a convoluted story about it being named after his dog, Rags. We’ve met Rags, and believe us when we say, Rags is no prince! But we digress.

The Prince Smash is a cool, fresh basil-infused beverage that is sure to grease the wheels of your summer holiday ride! Here’s how to make it! (And if you can’t find the gentian tincture, we say just skip it.)

Please Kill Me's Summer Drink Series - the Prince Smash

Prince Smash Recipe
2 ounces Old Grand-Dad Bourbon
0.5 ounce Liber & Co Fiery Ginger Syrup
0.75 ounce lemon juice
2 sq gentian tincture
5 basil leaves (and 2 for garnish) 

Add basil, syrup, and lemon to shaker, and muddle. Then add tincture and bourbon, and shake with ice. Strain into chilled copper mug, add cubes, and top with soda water. Place two basil leaves on top, and add two short straws.  

Musical Accompaniment: