Summer Drink Series – Gillian McCain’s Mojitos


Summer is here and not a minute too soon. You know what that means – warm days spent frolicking at the beach, lounging at the pool or in the park or backyard with your favorite rock bio; cook-outs with grilled meats, potato salad, fresh corn and a tall, cool drink to take the edge off. 

In celebration of summer, we are kicking off Please Kill Me’s Summer Drink Series. Every week throughout July and August, we’ll share a refreshing drink recipe from musicians, actors, and artists, along with some tips regarding the best way to enjoy the beverage. And as you know, a drink doesn’t necessarily need to be alcoholic to refresh. Enjoy!

Gillian McCain

Gillian McCain, Author & Publisher

Favorite Summer Drink: Mojito


1-ounce fresh lime juice

2 heaping teaspoons superfine sugar

1 cup crushed ice

10-12 fresh mint leaves, plus 5 small sprigs for garnish

2-ounces white rum

1-ounce club soda

Why is it your favorite drink? It’s fresh, minty, thirst quenching and sounds exotic.

Musical Accompaniment? The Hound with James Marshall on Little WaterRadio